The Firm

G&W Legal is a full-service business law firm that assists its clients at the intersection of law and pragmatism by combining the experience of big-law with the expertise of a boutique. Our team spans diverse subject matters and industries, using its robust skill-set to become greater than the sum of its parts. We believe in a value-driven approach to legal services and strive to ensure that each client’s individualised goals are met.

The firm’s attorneys bring unmatched legal prowess across intersecting areas such as corporate law, intellectual property, franchising and distribution, advertising and marketing, privacy and data protection, product liability and consumer protection, international trade, foreign investment, employment, government contracts, corporate restructuring, corporate governance, anti-corruption and internal investigations, anti-trust/competition, regulatory affairs, real estate and dispute resolution.

Understanding the needs of today’s globalised and technology-driven world, we believe in offering comprehensive advice that transcends boundaries. At G&W Legal, our clients get personalised and actionable legal advice, informed by experience and expertise.