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Distribution and Agency 2024

Ownership structures

May a foreign supplier establish its own entity to import and distribute its products in your Jurisdiction?

Yes, a foreign supplier can establish an entity in India for import and distribution, subject
to compliance with the foreign exchange …

Law and Practice 2024

1. Metaverse

1.1 Laws and Regulation

As is the case with the laws of most other countries, there are no specific Indian laws designed
to deal with the metaverse. In fact, the metaverse
finds no mention and has not been …

It’s a(nother) wrap: IP round-up 2023

It's sequel time for last year's report on key changes in the IP landscape in India with a new 2023 round-up. As before, this article offers a summary of the changes and developments of significance that took place in 2023…

Lexology Practice Guide: India M&A 2023 – Labour & Employment

Key Labour and Employment Issues in M&A Transactions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are tools used for the growth of business and optimisation of resources. M&A transactions have a significant influence on the employees of target entities, and the success of …

Getting the Deal Through: Franchise 2024

Franchising in the market

How widespread is franchising in your jurisdiction? In which sectors is franchising common? Are there any economic or regulatory issues in the market that are more or less hospitable to franchising or make it economically viable …

ICLG: Fintech Laws and Regulations 2023 India

1. The Fintech Landscape

1.1 Please describe the types of fintech businesses that are active in your jurisdiction and the state of the development of the market, including in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)

Is That You, Jim? : Scams Involving Trade Marks / IP

This is the digital era: there is no denying that the world is ruled by technology and the internet today. While the laws are trying their best to stay current (.in some cases, catch up!) with the changing world and…