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International Comparative Legal Guide – Fintech 2024

India has a range of active fintech businesses operating across areas such as lending (credit), payments (both peer-to-merchant (P2C) and peer-to-peer (P2P) transfers), investments and trading, personal finance and wealth, credit ratings, insurance, regulation, etc. With over 3,000 recognised fintech…

Labour and Employment Disputes: India

The Constitution of India confers powers to state governments and the central (federal) government to enact laws on the subject of employment and labour, except for certain matters that are reserved for the central government.

A large number of labour …

Well-Known Marks In India: Recent Judicial Journey

In this day and age of digital era, the brands are increasingly gaining popularity at a rapid pace and even transcending territorial boundaries. At times, the popularity reaches a stage where use of a brand even in relation to unrelated…

Distribution and Agency 2024

Ownership structures

May a foreign supplier establish its own entity to import and distribute its products in your Jurisdiction?

Yes, a foreign supplier can establish an entity in India for import and distribution, subject
to compliance with the foreign exchange …

Law and Practice 2024

1. Metaverse

1.1 Laws and Regulation

As is the case with the laws of most other countries, there are no specific Indian laws designed
to deal with the metaverse. In fact, the metaverse
finds no mention and has not been …

It’s a(nother) wrap: IP round-up 2023

It's sequel time for last year's report on key changes in the IP landscape in India with a new 2023 round-up. As before, this article offers a summary of the changes and developments of significance that took place in 2023…